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What is PNR Status?

How do you know to check PNR status? Passenger Name Record in short it’s called PNR is a 10 digit code written on the left corner of the ticket. The 10 digit code is a travel record of an individual person or a number of people travelling in the group. This traveller’s record is maintained in CRS database. PNR number is generated only when the full information of passenger is given, like name, gender, age, train number, journey class, berth preference, contact link. Also the record is used for follow up process in which passengers can see their status update of their journey. The code is great to find out whether their seats are reserved or not- along with confirmation.

Check Railway PNR Status

You can easily check your reservation status from the ticket online booking on railway book website. Just you have to click “Get PNR” status with the train name and number along with date as mentioned at the time of your confirmation. The status will be displayed with seat availability, station code, train name and number.

In addition you will also get advantage of checking the list of PNR status of your friends or family members if you have the details with you. This will make the travel easy for your or your family member in getting together. In case you are staying far from the relatives who want to book the ticket and want to check PNR status it’s always free to make it possible.

Check Train Schedule

After US and Russia, India has the largest railways across the world, and if you know how to check the train schedule you can probably travel or surprise your relatives anytime by your visit.  Today this railway has spread across south, north, east and west and has not only made ease for the travelling but also for detailed with train schedule. This train schedule is prepared at one time by showing the stations and its routes covering the specific zones. Also to make it very easy you can ways type your route and spot the direction of the train.

How to check train schedule?

In the case where you want to find out the routes or the complete schedule of a particular train then you have to search by detail of time train name, tract line and more in detail. Your search for train schedule will also show whether your search is appropriate or no. Besides this you will get lots of train scheduled by hour, day and other information. 

Train Seat Availability

The more you sit comfortably while traveling makes the journey even more relaxing and this exciting to reach the destination. While being very active everyday checking for train seat availability becomes the first and most important thing for you. Specified by the railway department, the seat confirmation or the seat availability differs from class to class and it also depends upon the quota. Checking whether the seat is available or taken by other passenger helps to travel anywhere in India without getting hooked up thinking what will I do or should I do? Well now you can anytime check your seat availability.

How to check train seat availability?

Just type the train name and other details which you think important to find the train and check if there is any seat empty or available. Also don’t forget to click “Get seat availability” button. Let travelling excite you more than your destination.

Check railway station code

Approximately there are 8000 railway stations in Indian Railway (IR) that are spread across the several cities of the country. Each railway station has its special unique code. Today IR uses alphabetic identity code to identify each railway station, this knowledge is very important for the passenger when he or she is booking the ticket through online IRTCTC or while searching about the trains between two stations and also to avoid confusion between similar station names.

How to check railway station code?

You just have to select the railway station code and the station name on the radio button. For example if you want to get the name of a station then enter the code of the station. Take a look at the code while you click the button to get the name of the station. Also similarly  in addition to this basic information about the station and its name, code, state and the zone in which you fall or displayed on the screen  should be easily seen on the Google Map. This gives a fair idea of where the railway station is located.

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