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Check train number and name

Indian railway is the most popular one said to be known as lifeline of India country. In this understanding of the train name and number of IR has been the hardest thing to do. And many times this conception has risen due the lack proper knowledge about the train name and its number.  For instance Sinhagad Express runs between Mumbai- Pune.  The train departs exalt on time from Pune 6:05 am and arrives at Mumbai on 9:55am. On this very same day, it departs from Mumbai at 2:30pm and arrives in Pune at 6:40pm. And the number of the train from Mumbai to Pune is 11009. And likewise having he knowledge of the train name is very important. It helps you to avoid any kind of miss understanding and confusing.

How to check train number and name?

You just have to click on Train Number or Name Option then enter the name of the train and click Get Train number. Immediately this will show the details of a particular train and their information. Now you are good to go about the information of the train.

Check Train Between Stations

At the time of the booking, tickets are always very important to get confirmed and it’s also very important for a person to check the journey between the stations. The list of the train schedule given is also very important as it shows the timing when and where the train would be located during the train journey.

How to check train between stations?

There will be a form displayed put the source name, destination station, name and date of the journey. Source station is the station from where you will be boarding and destination station is the station where you want to go.

For example, if you want to go Punjab from Mumbai then Punjab will be your destination station & Mumbai Central in Mumbai will be your Source station. When you fill the form click on Get trains button running between the two stations and this information will be displayed on the screen. You will get the name of the train, the station code along with other information.