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In India one will easily understand how easy it is to travel in Railways rather than spending more time in differing means of travelling. It’s more obvious that most of the people are aware of online portal. This portal of Railway is quite versatile as you yourself can perform several activities such as booking or cancelling tickets. Also you can check the time schedule of every train that runs from various locations to various locations. You can also check the seat availability, also checking PNR status of your ticket booking, online shopping and other train number, code and name accounts. The IRCTC is also very wonderful platform that allows easy booking with cancelation ticket just by seating home. You in fact should not fear about personal information and for managing your booking because everything is managed with 100% security.

Once you register the app called IRCTC you can anchor the link in your native browser’s address bar. If you are using a smart android phone then simply download IRCTC app which will easily work on your smart phone. Also it is good to login in so that you can take your backup file of information related to your railway ticket booking or so. Isn’t amazing? Check out more on IRCTC app.