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All you should know about IRCTC Auto Fill. The Indian Railway being the most comfortable one is also the most economic means of transport. It is also the most popular transportation for populous crowd. Also getting the reservation ticket seems to be like the most achieved and important thing in life. The booking can be done prior to the travelling only as it needs reservation and availability for your seat.  Today these booking systems are also made very easy by just filling the PNR form online. The internet has widened the benefits and also solved many queries which come while booking the ticket.

The booking can be done before 24 hours but know that it is difficult to get in summer or winter season. Also if the seats are available it can be reserved in 1 or 2 minutes. Keeping these aspects in mind it is very important to book the ticket on time. You just have to fill the IRCTC magic auto fill which allows a passenger.

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